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Use PowerPoint to Create a Photo Presentation

Everyone has probably received an e-mail (or a thousand) of a PowerPoint Slideshow Presentation showing off Beautiful Pictures, right?!

Well, you can do this very easily by following these steps:

With PowerPoint open, click on Insert Picture Photo Album (in PowerPoint 2007, choose "Photo Album" from the Insert Tab).

In the dialog box that opens, you will choose your photos by clicking on the "File/Disk" button.

Browse to locate your pictures (it will help to have these organized into a folder prior to opening PowerPoint).

Insert the photos and choose the Layout, Frame, and Template styles.

Once you are ready, click on "Create".

You have now created the Slideshow!

However, not all people will have PowerPoint, so if you plan on sending the Photo Presentation via e-mail, you may want to "Save As" a ".pps" file type. This format will open using any Internet Browser.


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