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Power of Reactions

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Understand the Power of Your Reactions

In life, it is important to realize that you have no control over the way something makes you feel. As human beings, we are built to be highly sensitive and this is why we experience emotions so deeply. Emotions are natural phenomenon and you can’t do anything to stop yourself from feeling a certain way. Therefore, it is unfair for you to label emotions as bad or experience guilt for feeling them when you don’t like the way something is making you feel.

The way you perceive emotions is personal, but how you react to emotions is more important and actually what other people can see. People are only able to judge your emotional state by the words you use to express yourself and the body language you exhibit. These are things you have direct control over so you can choose to be in charge of how you react to different situations. This is a smart way to safeguard your position. This is why we suggest that you focus your energy in learning to regulate your reactions to emotions.

To enhance your emotional intelligence, you must have the power to control your reactions in situations when feelings run high. You must stay mentally sharp and avoid becoming a prey to provoking emotions by practicing self management. It is crucial for you to have the ability to remain calm and think clearly. This will help you fight against the urges to do something violent when you are taken over by anger. It’s all about not indulging in destructive behavior when the impulses of your body are encouraging you to throw and break things.

Whenever you experience such unpleasant emotions, you should take a moment to step back, take deep breaths, and calm yourself down. It is never wise to react immediately as your reaction can often be triggered by emotions. Take a moment to recollect your thoughts and evaluate the situation logically and not emotionally. This can help you regain rationality as you realize you should be the one in control of your emotions and not vice versa.

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