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Outlook Reply Button Missing

Updated: Jan 13

I often hear people say "I no longer see the Forward, Reply, and Reply to All buttons on my emails. How do I get this information back?" Something has happened to change your View options, thus, not showing the Standard Toolbar. In the View menu click Toolbars and click on "Standard." This will show the Standard Toolbar with the Forward, Reply, and other buttons. It's that simple. UPDATE 11/29/2017: For newer versions of Outlook, there isn't as much possibility that you can drag the Reply buttons off of the toolbar. If you do not see the Forward, Reply, and Reply All buttons, you probably have just minimized the "Message" Ribbon.

If this is the case, simply double-click the "Message" Tab to open the Ribbon. If you single click, the Ribbon will open, but will close again after you've used it. Your buttons have now returned!
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