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Outlook Notes vs. OneNote

Updated: Jan 13

Which do you prefer: Outlook Notes or OneNote?

I actually use both of these, but to me, it really depends on how you keep yourself organized on whether Outlook Notes or OneNote is better for you.

Outlook allows you to turn Meetings into Note-taking in OneNote very easily. Simply click "Meeting Notes" on the menu and select "Take Notes on your own." Outlook will then create a page in your OneNote folder including the date, time, and recipients of the meeting. You can then take notes during the meeting and send to all recipients very quickly.

Outlook Notes, however, are just like sticky notes.

Now, many time management and organizational experts will tell you that sticky notes are not a good way to keep yourself organized. I agree and disagree, depending on how you use them.

For simple things I need quick reference to, I will often setup an Outlook Note - or "sticky note." I call them that because when you being using them, you'll see that they appear to look just like sticky notes - or name brand "Post-it Notes."

Above is an example of how I would use Outlook Notes. I use them for things like my favorite restaurant information or for the details of places I'd like to see on a vacation.

Now, I can also do these things with my phone Notes, but sometimes, I don't want to cloud up my phone and would rather keep them safely protected for current and future use in my Outlook Notes. Also, I know many people who still have older phones and don't have the option for Notes on their phone.

And, just like when you buy sticky notes, you can use varying colors.

Simply right-click on an existing note and select the Category that is already setup with color-coding. Or you can click "Categorize" on the ribbon and do the same thing.

You will then be able to see your Outlook Notes come alive with the different colors. This helps me as I setup some as "Work," some as "Personal" or "Family," and others as I need.

I'd love to hear how you keep track of notes. Do you prefer Outlook Notes or OneNote? Or do you use something entirely different?

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