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How do I use AutoFilter in Excel?

Have you ever searched an entire Excel spreadsheet for data that matched certain criteria?

Use the AutoFilter in Excel and you will be able to find data much quicker.

To do so, simply follow these easy steps:

Excel 2007: With your list open, click on the "Data" Tab on the Ribbon.  On the Data Tab, simply click the "Filter" button.

Notice your data Headers all have Drop Down Arrows next to them.

Now, simply click on the Drop Down Arrow of the Header (or Column) that contains the data in which you wish to search.

You may search for a specific item from the Drop Down list OR you may click on "Number Filters" from the Drop Down and another sub-menu will appear giving you options to search on items Greater than a particular number, etc.

Excel 2003: Click on the Data Menu and choose "AutoFilter" and then follow the steps above.

It's that simple!


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