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Excel Tutorials: Trace Dependents

I've had many people asking lately to create more Excel courses and particularly about formulas and data.

So, I've just uploaded a short tutorial on Trace Dependents.

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

OR, read on to view the text version.

If you have formulas that are based on the contents of another cell, you have dependent cells. The Trace Dependents command is useful to see how other cells are influenced by the active cell’s contents. The Trace Dependents command allows you to show tracer arrows to show the relationship between the active cell and the dependents of that cell.

1. Select the cell that you want to trace.

2. Select the Formulas tab from the Ribbon.

3. Select Trace Dependents.

4. Excel adds a tracer arrow to each cell that uses the active cell’s data.

5. Click the Trace Dependents tool again to see further relationships that are influenced by the active cell’s contents.

To learn more, CLICK HERE to view my video on Trace Precedents (the sister of Trace Dependents).

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