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Do You Believe in Your Goals?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

In order to achieve them, I wholeheartedly believe that you have to believe in your goals!

I feel like everyone is spending so much time these days consuming Facebook posts or being worried about home-schooling and working at the same time. While all of this is crazy different for us, we should not stop believing in our goals or stop doing the things that help us reach our goals.

Success is within Reach!

Right now, above any other time, if you have been furloughed or lost your job completely, it may seem like your goals are now outside of your reach.

I'm assuming here that you have already identified and written down your goals, but let's not let that get side-tracked because of this pandemic.

We can actually aim for our grandest goals and succeed as long as we believe that we can achieve them. You have to first believe that success can be attained by anyone and everyone. Combining hard work with the right actions while believing you are capable of reaching your goals will help you achieve them more effectively and quite possibly sooner than you thought.

No matter what your current situation, you still need to block out a portion of your day, and it could be just 10 minutes, for yourself. Carve out time either at the very beginning or very end of the day, with no distractions, to plan out and schedule actions or activities and tasks that are specifically helping you reach your goals. Take that time to tell yourself you can reach your goals.

I see people posting about gratitude and being grateful for the things in your life. While I do believe in gratitude, something I've learned over the years (from various experts) is that you have to take time every day to focus on your goals and what you want out of life. Once you do that, then part of your routine should be to practice gratitude and truly speak about and think about everything in your life for which you are grateful. So, while practicing gratitude, do not forget that it's OK to still want things in life and to reach for them - your goals.

So believe in your goals, even though we may have a little break right now, but still remember to do something each and every day to take at least one step closer to achieve those goals.

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