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Word Tables Tip: Delete the Blank Page After Table

John wrote, "Why does a blank page print after my table?"

This is caused as Word inserts a "Return" after every table created. There are a few ways of handling this.

First, select only the pages you want to print. For example, if the table is on Page 14 of your document, print only pages 1 through 14. This will stop Page 15 (the blank page) from printing. Do this by selecting "File Print" and in the "Print" dialog window, type 1-14 in the "Pages" field.

You could change the margins, but often when this happens is when you've created a table specifically formatted for specialty paper such as labels.

Another easy way is to change the size of the font for the Paragraph marker (or "Return").

First, if you cannot see the Return, turn on your "Show/Hide" by clicking on the "Paragraph" button on the standard toolbar.

Highlight the "Return" and change the font to something very small, such as "4 point," by clicking on the font size on the formatting toolbar and changing the number to "4."


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