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Word 2007 Tip: Cropping Images

Image controls in Word 2007 have become a little more intuitive and have some added features. One of the tools improved with Word 2007 is the cropping images tool.

In earlier versions of Word, the cropping images function was available; but users had to know where to find it.

In Word 2007 the "Crop" tool automatically opens on the "Format" tab when an image is selected or highlighted.

Simply click on the image and you'll see a new tab, to the right of all other tabs, called "Format." You'll notice many functions available for formatting the image.

The "Format" tab allows users to apply borders, shading, text wrapping, and other picture effects, as well as cropping.

To crop the image, click on the "Crop" button in the "Size" group on the "Format" ribbon. Notice the cursor changes into what somewhat resembles the shape of a pair of scissors.

Move the mouse point to any of the anchor points on the image and click and drag to crop the image to the size you desire.

NOTE: The "Crop" tool does not change the original image file and will not decrease the file size. The "Crop" tool is simply informing Word how much of the image you want to appear within the document. If you accidentally crop the image too far, you may either use the "Edit Undo" button on the "Quick Access Toolbar" or use the crop tool and click and drag outward to the appropriate location you want to crop.

Now that the image is cropped to fit your needs, the image is customized for your document instead of standing out as a generic image.


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