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Word 2007 Tip: Remove Space before Text at Top of Page

Margie, of Phoenix asks, "In Word 2003, I could change the format of text so that it would remove the space before the text at the top of a page. Is this possible in Word 2007?"


n Word, paragraph and text spacing is setup within the formatting of styles. Many styles add space before text at the top of a page. Users may change this setting within specific styles.

However, there may be times when the style settings are overridden. If users insert a manual page break, section break, or a column break before a paragraph, Word treats the spacing differently.

This happens most often at the top of a new page. Word 2007 allows users to change paragraph layout settings by using the Word Options menu.

Click on the "Microsoft Office" button (use the File tab for newer versions) in the upper left corner of the window. Next, click on the "Word Options" button in the lower right corner of the window.

In the "Word Options" dialog window, select the "Advanced" option from the left menu. Scroll to the very bottom of the window and click on the "plus sign" next to "Layout Options." A large list of compatibility settings are displayed within the "Layout Options" area. Users may select any of the settings preferred.

There are a few options, each beginning with the word "suppress," in the list that allow users to change how Word handles the extra space before the text at the top of a page.

If the preference is to remove the space before the text at the top of a page, check the "Suppress extra line spacing at top of page" box.

After making the selections needed, click on the "OK" button to save the changes and return to the document.

Practice with any and all of these settings to see which setting best handles the spacing at the top of the page. Or, use any of these settings for other layout options you desire.

With this handy Word 2007 tip, users are now able to remove the space before the text at the top of the page as they wish.


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