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Print Word Documents in Reverse Order

Have you ever had the need to print in reverse order?  Microsoft Word allows you to print in reverse order, when needed.

Word 2003 (and earlier versions)

1) Click on Tools | Options 2) Click on the "Print" Tab 3) Click the checkbox for "Reverse Print Order" 4) Click OK to exit and save the settings Now when you choose to print a document, it will be printed in reverse order.  (i.e. If you have a 20 page document, page 20 will print, then 19, etc.)

Word 2007

1) Click the Office icon in the upper left corner 2) Click on the "Word Options" button in the lower part of the screen 3) In the Word Options screen, click on the "Advanced" Tab 4) Scroll down to the Print area and click on the checkbox "Print pages in reverse order" 5) Click OK to exit and save your changes With any version, when you are ready to print documents in normal order (i.e. 1 through 20, printing page 1 first), you will need to "uncheck" the box.

It's that simple!


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