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How to Join Cells using Excel Concatenate

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

A co-worker the other day said she needed to merge the First and Last Name cells. I said, do you know how to use Concatenate? And proceeded to show her; I saved her so much time!

Excel Functions can seem overwhelming, but once they are broken down, they can be very easy. And, they can provide you with useful results. Here's how to Join Cells using the Excel Function Concatenate. You may read the steps here or view the video version below.

Excel Concatenate Tutorial Video

Do you need a Full Name field to import into a particular program? But, you only have First Name and Last Name fields in Excel? There are many times when you need to Merge or Join Cells in Excel - this tip shows you how easy it really is:

Insert a New Column. Type =CONCATENATE(Cell1,Cell2,etc)

Using the formula above, here is an example of the results:

Cell A1 Cell B1 Cell C1 Results: Cell D1

Go Ask Debbie GoAskDebbie

If these are the results you wish, simply Copy the formula down the column to include all rows you wish.

Let's say you need a Space or a Comma between each of the cells (as I used in the above example) once they have been merged. To do this, type your formula as follows:

=CONCATENATE(Cell1," ",Cell2," ",etc.)

This would create the following result from the above scenario "Go Ask Debbie." Notice now there are spaces between the cell contents.

Get creative this can help you create many different types of results.

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