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Excel Tutorial: Align Cells

In this Excel Tutorial: Align Cells, you'll learn the basic alignment techniques to make your data visually attractive. You'll also learn keyboard shortcuts for cell alignment. If you prefer video, you may view the Excel Tutorial using the video below. To align cells in Excel, it's quite simple. Simply select the area you would like to align, typically this would be an entire column. If the entire column needs to be aligned a specific way, then click the Column Header to make the changes to the entire column. Once the area is selected, click the alignment option you wish by using the "Alignment" area on the "Home" tab.

Options include:

  • Top, Middle, and Bottom Alignment for Vertical Alignment

  • Left, Center, and Right Alignment for Horizontal Alignment

  • Wrap Text to wrap the text within the cell

  • Merge and Center to merge data and center it across multiple cell

NOTE: Excel will give you a warning if you are merging data over existing data

  • And there are some indentation options as well

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts for these same functions to align cells:

  • CTRL + E = Center align

  • CTRL + J = Justify align

  • CTRL + L = Left align

  • CTRL + R = Right align

Watch this brief video tutorial, if you prefer.

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