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Excel Tip: Hide Worksheet

Gene, of Phoenix asks, "I have an Excel spreadsheet that contains 3 worksheets. One of them has formulas I do not wish other users to see. Is there a way to hide the worksheet tab?"

Excel is a very powerful spreadsheet program as it allows for millions of combinations of formulas, including placing formulas on different worksheet tabs.

This allows the user to organize content which keeps input cells within one worksheet tab and formulas on another. Assuming other users do not know about this trick, a safe way to hide the worksheet tab is as follows.

Simply right-click on the tab you want to hide and select the "Hide" option from the menu. To un-hide, simply right-click on a tab next to the hidden tab and select the "Unhide" option from the menu.

This does not stop users from unhiding tabs on their own.

However, if the data isn't sensitive and you haven't spent hours on this spreadsheet, this may not be of concern.

This would be a long shot, as nothing shows that there are hidden worksheet tabs. But, I opt for the "better safe than sorry" attitude when it comes to Excel worksheets. A better option would be to protect the hidden worksheet with a password and then hide it. Use this Excel Tip and you'll have no problem when the need arises to hide worksheets.


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