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Did you know Outlook has a Thesaurus?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Are you like me? I'm always trying to find the right words when I am sending emails.

Many times, emails are informal because you're just sending to a co-worker. But, for those times when you need to send something either to higher level leaders or clients, using the right words can be very important. It can also help you and your company look and sound more professional.

When I found out Outlook had a Thesaurus, it was a game changer for me.

It also saved me time!

I see so many people writing emails and when they need to find the right word, or they've used the same word over and over and just want to say it a little differently, they open a Google search window and type in something like "synonym for..." or "thesaurus" and locate their answers by searching thru many different options. This can take extra time that is not needed - it's time wasted, in my mind.

To use the Thesaurus in Outlook, simply highlight the word you are looking to exchange and click on the "Review" Tab.

Click "Thesaurus" and select from the window on the right - just like Word (which many people know how to use).

It really is that simple!

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