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Your Goals have to fit Your Timeline

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

It's now March, and we've been discussing goals since before the new year 2020 began. Have you reached your goals? Have you even put a plan in place to achieve them?

Have you ever heard this story?

One day, a 40-year old woman invited her friends to a party as she was celebrating her upcoming wedding. Her friends were shocked by the news, but they were all happy because finally their 40-year old friend would soon be getting married which they all knew that it was the only goal she had that never happened.

However, just as the invited guests were beginning to fill the room, they heard a loud voice that said, “Everyone, I am calling this celebration off. Nobody is getting married here. I found that my 50-year old husband-to-be just got married to a 20-year old girl.” Everybody was shocked upon hearing the news. The 40-year old woman continued; I lost the chance to get married because I missed to answer his question on when we were going to get married.

On the other side, the 50-year old man who desperately wanted to get married did something for his dream to come true. After hearing nothing from the lady on his question of when they were going to get married, he patiently continued searching for a bride and saw a homeless girl and offered her a decent life. Luckily, the girl’s only goal is to have a decent home where she could live, she immediately agreed to marry the old man and they live happily ever after.

Crazy story? or old wives-tale? No matter, you get the point - it timing is not right, goals sometimes will not be achieved.

Moral lesson

You have to have a clear motive and timeline for each goal you have.

As you've probably seen many times, goals have to be SMART. The "T" is the time bound part. If you do not have timing laid out and specifically identified, you have a good chance of them never being met.

So, for example, if you had a goal for 2020 to lose weight, but haven't set goals with specific timing attached to them, you may not be reaching them. And specifically to this post, if you had a big event that was keeping you very busy which would cause you to eat out a lot, then maybe it wasn't good timing to try to lose weight. Think about the timing before you just lay out time bound goals.

It's never too late, so begin setting goals that are SMART. Specifically, when you identify your goals, make sure the timing is fitting with the rest of your timeline.

Good luck and Happy Goal Setting!

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