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Word Spacing Tip

Joe, of Aeroflex asks, "I have a Word 2007 document and I want to see the spacing above the first line at the top of each page. Some of the pages show the space and some do not."

Thanks for your question Joe!

Yes, Word 2007 is a bit different than previous versions of Word and the best way to add spacing above the first line at the top of each page is to use Styles.

The styles are located on the "Home" tab. Preset styles, such as Headers, will add spacing above the line. If you do not like any of the preset styles, simply click on the drop down arrow (the very bottom on the scroll bar - it says "More" when you hover the mouse over it) and select "Apply Styles."

In the window that appears, you may select a style to base your new style on and then select the "Modify" button.

This takes you to the old window for Style Formatting. Change any formatting you would like by clicking on the "Format" button at the bottom of the window.

Click "OK" until you return to the document and the new style will be added to the Style Gallery.

There is the possibility of using paragraph formatting as well. I'll cover this in next week's email.

I hope this helps!

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