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Vision Boards for Goal Setting

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The more detailed you are with your plans, the better. Instead of writing down "Own a car in two years", you will find that writing "Buy a Silver Ford Escape by September 2020" is more helpful. Douse that inner critic at this stage. Just go on and write your goals down. 2. Verbalize your plan.

Then re-arrange the smaller goals that were supposed to lead you to the ultimate goal. Goal setting is more effective in this way.

Many of you are probably familiar with "The Secret" which is all about manifesting your dreams and goals. Well, I personally think that the concept of "Vision Boards" is the same thing as writing down your goals and being specific when you write them down and document them.

Goals, when written down, are much more likely to be achieved. Vision Boards are written goals with visual elements to them - it's as simple as that. I'm not discounting it at all - I truly believe that, just with learning, the more interactive you get, the more you learn. Visuals can only support achievement of your goals because not only are they written down, but you have them posted to look at them and review them every day.

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