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Urgent or UnImportant?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Why Prioritize?

First Things First

Prioritizing tasks ensures that you meet your most important goals first. If there’s anything you don’t have time for, it will be the least important item on your agenda.

First, we need to understand two key words of Prioritizing:


Urgency means it requires immediate attention. It is now. Urgent things act on us, urgent things come from outside you, they press upon you, because they are time-sensitive, like a ringing phone. They might be important as well as urgent, but too often they are merely urgent.


Importance on the other hand, has to do with what really makes a difference. The important priorities come from within. These priorities come from your values, your personal mission, your organization’s mission, and your high-priority goals.

Using the Time Management Matrix

The Time Management Matrix offers a way to divide tasks into four categories.

● Important and Urgent

● Important but Not Urgent

● Urgent but Not Important

● Not Important and Not Urgent

The Time Management Matrix

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