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Tech Gifts for Kids 2018

I've written about Tech Gifts for Kids in previous years, and with technology usage increasing each year, I am not the only one who thought to put together a top list of tech gifts for kids this year. Digital Trends posted an article by Emerging Tech "The 20 best tech toys for kids will make you wish you were 10 again."

And, I thought I'd give you my opinion as a mother who has bought many tech gadgets and games for her kid.

On their list is one of my favorites that has gotten better and better over the years. The Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk allows younger kids to use technology while learning. It's fun for them because it has lots of lights and sounds providing feedback from their interaction with the hands-on activities.

The desk has interchangeable cartridges for the various activities. It has a lift up top that has a chalkboard and easel for art work, with a place to keep multiple activity cards. It teaches the alphabet, math, and other basic skills, preparing them for grade school. Also, as your child completes activities, you can purchase additional activities that keep it from being repetitive and boring. My son always had fun with his Vtech games, but never realized he was learning - it was just fun for him. I highly recommend these. Oh, and they last for a long time - once my son was older, we were able to hand them down to relatives with younger kids and they are still enjoying the Vtech activities my son enjoyed when he was little.

Drones have gotten very popular and kids want to get in on the action. I wish they had this one when my son was younger, but the Auro Drone with Glove Controller looks much easier to control than my husband's drone. The Drone Racing League has become very popular, even for those who are just amazed watching the incredibly fast maneuvers. And at under $100, it is a good price compared to the drones that have hand-held controllers, that are often very difficult to use, especially for younger hands.

Another one I think is a great gift for kids is the Mattel View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack. At under $20, it's a steal. We all remember the days with the original Mattel View Master, even my son had one and would play with it for hours at a time. But this virtual reality version puts the viewing to all new heights. It works with your Smart Phone and the app to select adventures. The life-like scenes are incredible. I'm going to purchase adventures for the places on my bucket list - just in case I don't get to visit in real life.

Those are just a few of the tech gifts for kids (and maybe even adults) on the list, that we've either enjoyed ourselves or with our son, that I think every parent should get for their kids. Whatever your budget, there are tech gifts for just about every age kid that will provide hours worth of fun and engagement.

Happy Holidays!


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