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PowerPoint Tutorial: Paste Special

Microsoft PowerPoint Paste Special is just that, special.

You may select data from any other program by simply highlighting the data and then copying it and pasting into PowerPoint. Simply highlight the data and right-click within the data area. Select the Copy item from the shortcut menu, or you may press CTRL + C.

Next, open your PowerPoint presentation and click on the paste button within the clipboard area of the Home tab. Then click "Paste Special."

In this window select the "Pictures Window Metafile" item and click the OK button.

This inserts the data as a picture, in which you can use the Format tab to apply some special effects.

Simply scroll through and select any of the formatting options, such as Picture Styles.

Scroll through the options, and once you are ready to make your selection, click on the graphic. Once you've made your selections, the data now appears as a professional graphic matching your presentation.

PowerPoint Paste Special is that simple.


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