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Outlook Tip: Accidentally Sending Email Messages

Roman, of Virginia, says, "I often send messages in Outlook before I am ready to send. I must be hitting a key on accident. Is there a way of preventing this?"

It's easy to accidentally send a message if you hit the wrong key combination. Ctrl+Enter and Alt+S will both send messages. I do it quite often myself.

The first time you press Ctrl+Enter while composing a message, Outlook will ask if you want to turn it on.

To disable Ctrl+Enter, follow these steps.

Click "File" "Options" and select the "Mail" menu.

Scroll to the Send Messages section.

Check or uncheck the "CTRL + ENTER sends a message" option.

Now, if you accidentally press Ctrl+Enter, you will NOT send your open message.

NOTE: In Outlook 2007, the option is located in Tools, Options, Email Options, and then Advanced E-mail options.

It really is that simple! I love it when Outlook allows you to change settings like this that are personalized to how you use the keyboard and other features.


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