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Outlook Printing Tip

Updated: Jan 13

How many times have you clicked on the "Print" button in Outlook only to have 4 or 5 or more pages print? And you really only wanted the first page of the e-mail - you know, the part that showed on your Preview Pane.

I've spoken of this tip before in relation to Word and Excel; but it also applies to Outlook.

Click and drag the mouse to highlight the area you want to print.

Click on "File | Print"and in the Print Dialog window, click on the "Selection" option within the "Page Range" area. See the image below.

Click on the "Print" button to print. Only the highlighted selection of the e-mail will print. This tip can save you a lot of wasted paper and ink.

NOTE: Depending on the version of Outlook, you will need to double-click to open the e-mail prior to highlighting and selecting "File | Print."

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