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Outlook Field Chooser Tip

Updated: Jan 13

Many people are familiar with online e-mail accounts that provide access from anywhere you have Internet access.  These accounts include Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and others.

If you like the options with selecting multiple e-mails and performing a function (such as Delete or Move), then you'll probably like this tip.

To create a "Check Box" field in Outlook, follow these steps.

Right-click on the Field Header Row.

Select the "Field Chooser" option from the menu.

The "Field Chooser" window opens to the left.  In the window, click on the "New" button in the lower left corner.

Type a Name for the field.  In this example, we used "CheckBox."

Select "Yes/No" in the "Type" field and leave the format as "Icon."

Click on the "OK" button and close the "Field Chooser" window.

Click and drag the new field onto the Field Header Row. (The gray area at the top of the e-mail list.  It's the row that includes the words "From," "Subject," and others.)

Close the Field Chooser window.

Notice the new field is now available, but may not have a checkbox until one has been selected.

Select any and all of the e-mails with the "CheckBox" field and then sort by the column by clicking on the column header.

Now that the e-mails are sorted, you may select them all using the"Shift" key and then press the "Delete" key or move them to a folder you wish.

NOTE:  If the field does not allow you to check the box, you will need to turn on the "In Field Editing."  To do so, right-click on the Header Row and select "Customize Current View."  Click on the "Other Settings" button and select the check box "Allow in-cell editing."  Click the "OK" buttons to save the changes and return to Outlook.

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