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Green Word Tip

Have you ever printed a document only to remember that you forgot to print that one last line? Save a tree and save some ink with this tip.

Instead of reprinting the entire page, print only the last line.

First, open the document and insert text of the last line.

Next, highlight the rest of the text on the page and change the format to "White" text.

Insert the printed page (the one with the missing line) into the printer.

Finally, select "File" and then "Print." On the "Print Dialog" window, type in the page number and click on the "OK" button to print.

HINT: Word 2007, click on the "Office" button, hover to "Print" and select the "Print" option. Follow the steps above once the "Print Dialog" window opens.

Since white text does not print, the only thing that will print is the last line. Now, the entire page is printed correctly and you've saved some paper and ink.


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