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Excel Tip: Multiply without using Formulas

Janet, of Phoenix asks, “I’m always forgetting how to type the formulas in Excel. Is there an easier way to multiply numbers without using formulas?”

For those non-math users of Excel, there are easier ways to multiply without using formulas.

A quick way is to use the “Multiply” function from within the “Paste Special” menu.

If you will not be changing numbers and calculations, follow these steps to multiply without using formulas.

First, create the spreadsheet with any figures you need.

For example, let’s say column A contains a list of numbers. Column C is where you’d like to create sums of numbers that are multiplied.

Click into C2 and place the multiplier. In this example, we’ll use the number “10” as Cell A2.

We’d like Cell C2 to give the result of Cell A2 multiplied by 5.

NOTE: I know this is a number that most people using Excel would just type, but what if the numbers were rather large and not easy to calculate in your head?

So, let’s continue on that basis…

Type the number “5” in Cell C2.

Now right-click Cell A2 and select the “Copy” option from the menu.

Click into Cell C2 and right-click.

On the shortcut menu, select the “Paste Special” option.

In the “Paste Special” window, select the “Multiply” option and click the “OK” button.

Cell C2 now contains the sum of Cell A2 (10) multiplied by Cell C2 (5), which results in the number “50” now appearing in Cell C2.

Try this simple “Paste Special” function within your spreadsheets anywhere you need to multiply without using formulas.


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