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Excel 2007 Quick Tip

Many of you have seen the improvements made in Excel 2007; but most users have still not learned all of the handy new features.

One of these new features is located in the "Recent Documents" area.

We've all seen the recent documents list and I've shown ways to change the number of recent documents as well as turning them on and off.

But, did you know you can "Pin" specific documents to the "Recent Documents" list?

To do so, simply click on the "Office" button to bring up the "Recent Documents" list.

Move the mouse to the spreadsheet you want to keep on this list permanently and click on the "Pin" icon on the right side of the spreadsheet name.

See image below.

The spreadsheet will remain on the list as more spreadsheets are added.

HINT: This is an Office 2007 feature and may be used in Word 2007, PowerPoint 2007, etc.

To "unpin" the spreadsheet, simply click on the "Pin" icon again to "unpin" the spreadsheet from the list.


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