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"Oh no! I meant to reply to that email last week!”

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

It’s happened to us all, right?

You send an email and have the best intentions to follow up. Then, days or weeks pass, and suddenly you realize you forgot, and now it’s too late.

The Solution? Set reminders

We’re all busy people and it’s nearly impossible to remember every task you need to do without some help. Every time you send an important email, set a reminder to follow up if you don’t receive a response.

Tools like Outlook can automate this process for you; you can set a reminder in your calendar to follow up on your chosen date and time.

And, even better, if you want to remember to follow up on an email that you send to someone else, you can add a reminder for the recipient as well as yourself.

If you're using Outlook, before you hit the SEND button, click on the Follow Up Red Flag drop-down and select "Add Reminder," select "Flag for Recipients," and then select the date and time for the Reminder (be sure to click the checkbox). This way, not only will you receive a reminder to follow up on the email, but the people you sent it to will also receive a pop-up reminder. This is a trick I get many compliments on - it's so simple, but so effective!

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