• You're overwhelmed with the amount of email and meetings you have every day

  • You struggle to complete projects on time

  • You're unclear on HOW to focus on your tasks to get things done

  • You've spent time organizing your To Do list, but still never seem to be able to get everything done

  • You followed the advice and systems your boss uses, but it didn't work for you

  • You plan out your week and then something urgent comes up; overwhelmed, you don't know how to catch up on the work that was side-tracked

  • You constantly put things off until tomorrow. And, it never gets done...



I've been there. For years, I woke up with a large To Do list that I put things off and only completed the easy, small tasks I thought I could do that day. It got me nowhere. That's when I discovered this framework for productivity, and I want to share it with you.

The Truth Is... It's Not Your Fault

My name is Debbie McCusker, and I've spent much of my career working with people just like you... struggling to develop systems that work to help you be more productive and reach your goals.

It seems now more than ever, we are expected to have so much productivity and be great at time management and project management, but no one helps you figure out a system to do all of this. The time management training world is full of so much noise on how to be  more productive. It's nearly impossible to decode the steps to an effective strategy that works for you without someone guiding you all the way through the process to setup the right systems that work for you.

You see, the problem that so many people just like you struggle with is creating systems and strategies that work with your specific way of work and life.

I’ve spent years helping busy professionals up their productivity game by putting into place powerful strategies and methods that fit with their way of working.

The thing with time management and productivity is that you must develop, refine, and master systems that work with the way you work. This allows you to easily stick to the strategies that help you easily manage your time and tasks consistently.

That’s why I developed this program – to guide driven, busy professionals like you to create a productivity system that helps you take control of your schedule in less than 21 days.

The program not only includes the online course covering the topics below, but also includes Group Coaching. Our Group Coaching program gives you weekly conference calls, Q&A sessions, unlimited email contact with Debbie, and a Private Facebook Group to share successes, best practices, and more!

I can't wait for you to join and elevate your productivity!


Understanding & Setting Your Goals

Create a vision for your best life – set goals and setup a plan and systems to reach them. Learn easy ways to say “No” while still remaining a team player.

Work the 80/20 rule

Guide your decisions based on the 80/20 rule – learn to identify and work the 20% of your activities that will help you reach your goals, without wasting time on the other less-important 80%.

Tame Your Inbox

Explore the tools that are available to you: Outlook, Google Apps, Apple Calendar, and others. Learn to efficiently use folders, mail rules, and follow up alerts. You’ll also learn to control your Inbox by using the 4Ds to organize and declutter your Inbox.

Calendar vs. Tasks

Explore the pluses and minuses of each: using Calendars vs. Tasks. Learn how to use the Calendar to give your To Do list designated time and learn to turn emails and tasks into Calendar appointments, so that everything has a place and is provided enough time for completion.

Committing to Get Things Done

Develop the habit and self-discipline to put all of what you’ve learned into action to achieve your vision and start living your best life!

Ultimate Focus to Avoid Distractions

Learn to control your environment as well as internal and external distractions that keep you from getting things done.

Written Communications

Learn how to organize your emails to ensure they are read and acted upon quickly and correctly. Learn to structure your communication so that it gets read with no misunderstandings. Learn to write with clarity and conciseness to stop wasting time with lengthy emails.

The "One Thing"

Stop trying to Multi-task – it is a myth! Learn to find your “One Thing” that you want to accomplish each day or week in order to be laser-focused to get productive and reach your goals.

Bonuses that matter

These bonuses aren't just for extra value - they MAXIMIZE the impact the course will have on your productivity long term.

My last client asked me to help him put together a system and teach him tools to help get more work done in less time...

When I first started working with Allen, he was trying to do the job of 3 people. He was an established leader in his industry, but struggled to learn the systems to get his business running smoothly.

He followed his old ways of doing things with pen and paper, but seemed to take longer to get things done because he would have to move documents to computer forms anyway, creating double work for himself and his team.

I explained to him what was missing was a system and tools to keep documents organized, and even setup templates to be able to create similar documents in less than half the time.

Soon after working together, his business turned into a well-oiled machine. Allen was able to maximize his productivity, and others started asking him to take on more work because he could get things done so easily and quickly. His business doubled and he was so thankful for helping him create a systematic model that made it all possible.


Will you be the next person to take your productivity to the next level to make 2021 your most productive and successful year yet?

Join the program. Take your productivity to the next level in 2021 and make it your best year yet!


How does the program work?

  • As soon as you purchase the program, you will be taken directly into the online, self-study video course to begin taking modules.

  • Within 24 hours, I’ll contact you to let you know when Group Coaching will begin, including the kickoff date for the next Group Coaching session and all of the details. After the kickoff call, we will schedule the weekly calls to best accommodate everyone's schedules. I’ll also send you an invite for the Private Facebook Group so that you can share best practices, ask questions, and help each other in the group.

I'm a mid-level professional, managing people and projects. Will this program work for me?

  • Yes!

  • This course was specifically designed with complex work roles in mind. The program can also help you work more efficiently with your team.

I'm overwhelmed because now not only do I have to worry about my work projects getting completed, but I have to homeschool the kids at the same time. Will this program work for me?

  • Yes!

  • I get it. Every day I have to focus on getting my own hectic work schedule under control, only to have my son tell me he needs me to help him with his online school work. I simply remind myself every day to follow this framework, and I'm able to get it all done. And you can too!


Will I need to purchase additional tools to complete the course?

  • No!

  • This course is meant to work with your current tools, but if you find they are not working for you, I can provide alternative solutions that may work better for your situation. I will always give both paid and free solutions, where possible.


Is this course geared more toward people in a typical workplace?

  • No.

  • This course can help busy professionals in a typical workplace (of course, what is typical these days?) and it can also help busy moms, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Do I need Microsoft Outlook?

  • No!

  • We will use Outlook to show many of the systems and methods in this course, but you can use any time management and calendaring system you would like. We’ll give references to other tools like Google and other apps you may choose to use.

How long will I have access to the program?

  • You will have lifetime access to the online training and materials.

  • You will have access to the the Group Coaching sessions and the Facebook Group as long as you decide to continue on that part of the program. Typically my students see results within the first month, but continue to work with me for around 3 months, sometimes longer. It's all up to you.