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Here's to a Productive 2020!

One of the buzz words from the 2010's decade was "Emotional Intelligence." But, do you really have a good understanding of what it is and why it can help you become more productive? Emotional intelligence is essentially a way of using your emotions to guide reasoning to facilitate greater levels of productivity. Emotional intelligence is also about understanding the emotions of others so that you are better able to comfort and persuade them. Therefore, emotional intelligence does not only affect your personal relationships with your loved ones, but also determines your ability to work in a team. This is why developing emotional intelligence is crucial for achieving success in your profession

Mindfulness for a better 2020!

As we head into 2020, many people make resolutions, but today I'm finding that with each new year, people are truly looking to improve upon the last one. Getting better at mindfulness can help! Mindfulness is a natural state of being. Throughout our lives we are frequently in this state without realizing it. If you have ever heard a noise at night and went to investigate, the level of attention that you bring to that situation is a good example of being mindful. However, we frequently divide our attention and, by necessity, we will selectively ignore aspects of our environment. When watching a sporting event on television, for example, a particularly captivated fan might tune out conversatio

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