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PowerPoint Tip: Snow Animation

In Phoenix we don't get to see much snow; although some residents were lucky enough last week to see a few snowflakes, a rare occurrence. What if you want to bring a little winter snow to your PowerPoint presentation? It's very simple to create a snow animation in your PowerPoint presentation. To do so, follow these steps. Insert a New Slide into your presentation. Change the slide background or scheme to a dark gray or black. A darker color will help the snowflakes stand out. Click on the "Insert" tab and select the "Shapes" drop down arrow. In the "Shapes" window, select the "Cloud" shape. NOTE: Any round shape will work, but the cloud shape creates a nice uneven edge that looks like an im

Tech Gifts for Kids 2018

I've written about Tech Gifts for Kids in previous years, and with technology usage increasing each year, I am not the only one who thought to put together a top list of tech gifts for kids this year. Digital Trends posted an article by Emerging Tech "The 20 best tech toys for kids will make you wish you were 10 again." And, I thought I'd give you my opinion as a mother who has bought many tech gadgets and games for her kid. On their list is one of my favorites that has gotten better and better over the years. The Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk allows younger kids to use technology while learning. It's fun for them because it has lots of lights and sounds providing feedback from their i

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